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Gaudi Originally Inspired is a consultancy built on values that the creator of Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi, followed while innovating in management and design methods for his buildings.

Creativity, sustainability and leadership values are the ones that nowadays are considered the bases for creating products and services with added value, differing organizations, and startups in today’s competitive markets.


In order to move forward,

we need to remember and learn

from the past

Gaudi was the first architect and engineer to be able to create teams full of creative and complimentary talented people and be the leader to organise them efficiently.
How else can we explain the fact that in 1904, he could coordinate teams for the 15 of his buildings and projects simultaneously, some of them so complex as Sagrada Familia, Colonia Guell's Cript, restoration of Mallorca's cathedral, Casa Batlló, Park Guell or la Pedrera?

The knowledge tested out through time

During the last 30 years the Gaudi Research Institute and University of Barcelona Professorship Chair work closely together with more than 70 institutions and universities globally in order to uncover the lost knowledge about the genius of Antoni Gaudi and spread it to the world.

Gaudi Certification of Originality

After working together with these institutions and countless experts on Gaudi, creative thinking and business management a new management methodology for companies was developed which received the Gaudi Certification of Originality by the Gaudi World Congress and The Gaudi Research Institute.


What if you could ask a genius

about his methods of work

to achieve the same level of success?

Gaudi Thinking is devised from two parts of the thinking process that Gaudi has used while designing and managing his masterpieces. It consists of two phases, the Nature Design and  Architecture of Management. 

Nature Design

Product and service design

The Nature Design follows the principles of nature in order to create the most complete and valuable product or service. Nature was the only bible and teach of Gaudi and he believed that it was the only thing in this world that is perfect and tested out though time.

Architecture of Management

Organisation and project management

The Architecture of Management follows the principles of building construction, as it is one of the most complete and comprehensive execution and design methodologies in the world. We use a metaphor of Sagrada Familia, studying it in 5 stages which will lead to examine and identify the necessary points needed to create a cathedral that will last centuries.  

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